DSK, an acronym derived from "Dare to Seek Knowledge," embodies timeless creativity, genius innovation, and the convergence of fashion, art and knowledge. Lead designer, Nish Dhakal, conducts DSK's mission to inspire greatness beyond its innovative fabric use, functional detailing and comfortability. The brand represents self-expression, boundless creativity and the pioneers of creative genius. DSK aspires to attract individuals on a journey of free-thought and expression, with the desire to surpass boundaries and seek knowledge. With the release of artwear, DSK challenges conventions and encapsulates the adaptability, resilience, and individuality crucial in accomplishing excellence. DSK creates ARTWEAR for the people on this planet. It represents the roots of our team: London, Asia & Africa and aspires to do more for our community. We aspire to change the meaning of luxury fashion and build a brand beyond helping ourselves.

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