Elements of Clothing Design

If you’ve always wanted to dabble in clothing design but thought you didn’t have the skill or the talent, I’m here to tell you:

You can do it!

If you sew your own clothes from commercial patterns you buy at the fabric store, you already make design decisions regarding style, color, fabric, and details. You make similar decisions when you shop, choosing the styles that have the details you want (that is, if you can find them!)

You can design your own clothes using the same fashion sense you use when you sew or when you shop - and you have total control over the results!

Elements of Design
The design details you’d use to distinguish your style include:

  • the shape of the neck and/or collar
  • the length, shape and fullness of sleeves (with or without cuffs)
  • the shape, length, and fullness of a skirt
  • the length, shape and fullness of a top or blouse.